Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  What is the difference between Home Health Agencies and Home Care Agencies?
A. Home Care Agencies provide non-medical services, such as assistance with bathing, dressing, and ambulation in the client’s home.  Home health agencies provide medical services such as dressing changes for severe wounds, injections, and those tasks that require RN’s or LPN’s.

Q.  How does the cost of in-home care compare with Assisted Living or Nursing Home care?
A. The average monthly cost of in-home care is about 1/3 the cost of assisted living care and around ¼ the cost of what the skilled facility would cost.

Q.  How quickly can services be provided?
A. Depending on the payer source, services can generally be provided within 48 hours.

Q.  Can I change my schedule for service if I have an appointment or I am visiting with family?
A. Yes, you are in charge!

Q.  Do you accept State / Federal supported programs for payment?
A. Yes.